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I gave up on naming this... so it's just gonna stay with this name xD
There is no background information on this, just a weird pose and expression on Bunnji...
Mr. Angry
This only took like a few minutes, heh. But yush, ShadowHell is definitely an angry wolf xD This didn't turn out as great as I would've liked it to, but I guess it's fine =P
Night Animals
These were sorta fun to color xD Ok, so there's a leopard/cheetah hybrid (Upper) and a wolf (Lower).  Nothing special, just felt like drawing some random animals for fun :D
Bunnji Ref. Sheet
Both of le bunnies need one xD
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Species: Rabbit/Bunny
Nicknames: Bunj, Bunny, Bunz
Born on: September 8th
Personality: She gets irritated easily but she's very friendly and kind.  She also is nature-friendly and will hurt anyone who kills an animal.  Bunnji is also easily frustrated and cares too much about people and things.  She also tends to tune people out once and a while. Bunnji also laughs a lot, but is also funny.  She loves the outdoors, plus helping her friends out.  She's also an ambivert.
Physical Description: Bunnji is a purple-colored bunny that stands on her two hind legs.  She has no markings.  Her tail is fluffy but short.  And her feet are slightly shorter (shown on the side view) than Talia's, but her ears are taller/longer.  Her eyes are red and so is her bow tie.  The color of Bunnji's nose is midnight blue.  She also has light purple paw pads, which are fluffy.  She's taller than Talia, as her height from the bottom of her feet to the top of her head is 5'4 and from the bottom of her feet to the tips of her ears is 6'7.  Bunnji also has 6 fluffs at the top of her head in between her ears.
Hobbies: Singing, reading books, writing, drawing, listening to music, spending time with her friends, and rescuing animals from falling trees and rocks, volcano eruptions, the Shadow animals that come out of HeartFire on accident, etc.
Lives At/With: Bunnji lives at the Burrow (Nature Burrow), and lives with Talia.
Animal God: Yes.

Also, Bunnji rarely ever takes off her bow tie =P
Heckno Stick
Ah, well this is rare... to have 2 things submitted in one day? xD
Anyways, this was a drawing from 2 or 3 months ago... and I didn't really take much time on it obviously =P but, this is my reaction to pogo sticks. Honestly, I can't even get on the things -.- 
Panel 1. Bunnji getting on the pogo stick
Panel 2. Bunnji getting on it and slightly bouncing on accident while doing so
Panel 3. Bunnji falling off the stick because of unknown reasons =P


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United States
Hi there! I just wanted to talk about what 6 of my OCs are. Bunnji (Bunny), Dotti (Bird), ShadowHell (Wolf), Lovzey (Wolf), Poppers (Wolf), and Bubblegum (Wolf) are all these things that I call "animal gods". Just to make things more clearer.

Thank you! :D


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Your welcome !
I am really lonely atm
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Me too currently xD
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nice work^^
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